Powertrain Systems

Powertrain Systems

Your vehicle’s powertrain is made up of the engine (and electric motors if a hybrid), transmission or transaxle, drive axle, and many sensors and a powertrain control module that ties them all together. This is the combination of components that powers the vehicle and moves it in the direction you want to go. Normally, each system works together to produce a smooth flow of power, easily modulated by your foot on the accelerator. Occasionally, if there is a sensor out of range or a faulty component, the car will run roughly, throw a “Check Engine” or “Check Transmission” light, and generally let you know that some part of your powertrain needs attention.

So much of vehicle service and maintenance today is tied to computers, and knowing how to read the data they provide. For powertrain problems, there are trouble codes stored in the main ECM or PCM (Engine or Powertrain Control Module) that our technicians can discover, interpret, and verify to come up with the proper procedures to repair your vehicle. It’s usually not something easy to identify, or just one area of trouble; many times, if an event has triggered a dash light there are already other minor issues to be addressed.

Our technicians have the training and skills necessary to diagnose and repair your vehicle quickly and can pinpoint your issues before they get worse. That’s why at Expert Auto Center, we take pride in being your Wichita area partner for the best in auto care.

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